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Century CC1212-Lithium 12V 12Amp 9 Stage Battery Charger

Century CC1212-Lithium 12V 12Amp 9 Stage Battery Charger


  • Suits lead-acid (Calcium SMF, AGM, Flooded, EFB & Gel) & Lithium (LFP) batteries
  • Charges batteries rated up to 240Ah
  • Maintains batteries rated up to 360Ah
  • Recondition mode repairs heavily discharged batteries
  • Activates on batteries discharged as low as 2V
  • Selectable 1A, 8A & 12A output current
  • LFP Wake Up - Power Supply
  • 5 Year Warranty
The Century CC1212-XLi 12V 12Amp 9 Stage Battery Charger is easy to use and requires no technical experience. Suitable for 12V conventional lead acid batteries (all SMF [Calcium], AGM/Flooded/EFB, Gel & compatible LITHIUM [LFP]), it is a selectable automatic smart battery charger & maintainer, with reconditioning mode that is fully microprocessor controlled with safety timers at every stage.

9 Stage process for Lead-acid type batteries (GEL, AGM/FLOODED/EFB, CALCIUM SMF):
1 - Qualification - Battery condition check
2 - Battery rejuvenation (recondition mode)
3 - Soft start charging
4 - Bulk charging
5 - Absorption charging
6 - Equalisation charging
7 - Battery analysis
8 - Float mode
9 - Long term maintenance pulse charge. Recharge Cycle every 21 Days.

7 Stage process for Lithium-ion (LiFePO4) type batteries:
1 - Lithium Activation
2 - Soft start charging
3 - Bulk charging
4 - Absorption stage 1
5 - Absorption stage 2
6 - Full
7 - Analysis

Other Features:
• Battery condition analysis.
• Battery voltage retention analysis.
• Automatic diagnosis and charge: On power up, the charger will automatically diagnose the battery condition and determine if the rejuvenation mode (reconditioning) or charge cycle is required.
• Selectable battery type.
• Selectable charge rate / mode.
12A - Rapid Charge Mode: Uses maximum charging current (12 Amps) to ensure the fastest charge time. You may hear the fan turn on during this mode.
8A - Silent Charge Mode: Charges at a reduced charge rate (8 Amps) and the cooling fan is not required.
1A - Maintenance Mode: Ideal and recommended for long term maintenance charging or for charging smaller batteries. NOTE: When used in maintenance mode, please check that the application’s current draw does not exceed the charging current.
 LFP Wake Up - Power Supply: 13.8V 12A Max Power Supply Mode which is time limited for 24 Hours before automatically switching back to LITHIUM (LFP) Charging Mode.
 Patented battery rejuvenation (reconditioning) technology: The charger has a unique and patented rejuvenation feature which uses high voltage equalising and peak pulse reconditioning to repair sulphated batteries. This feature is fully automatic and depends on the internal impedance of the battery. It also depends on whether the battery is still connected in the vehicle.
• Ultra-low power consumption (ECO Mode).
• Pulse charge for long term maintenance.
 Can be left on 24/7 to ensure your battery is always maintained and fully charged: The battery charger can be left permanently connected all year round. The intelligent charger will monitor the battery voltage and will maintain it at peak performance with a special pulse charge during long term maintenance. Please note that even if the battery charger incorporates this feature Century Batteries does not recommend leaving the battery charger connected 24/7.
 Short circuit and reverse polarity protection.
• Heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant output connectors.
 Crocodile clips / Ring Terminals: It comes with a quick connect fly lead and heavy duty, fully insulated crocodile clip harness and ring terminal harness.

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